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He was an US-American Baptist minister and civil rights leader. His father Martin Luther King, Sr. was a Baptist minister as well. On the 18th June he married Coretta Scott Williams. He’s the world’s most important person in the war against the suppression of Afro-Americans and Black-Africans. King was best known for being a figure in the advancement of civil rights in the US by using nonviolent methods as Mahatma Gandhi. He has been attacked three times and has been arrested 30 times between 1955 and 1968. On the 4th April 1968 Martin Luther King has been assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.

his life

Martin Luther King:

The goal of the March on Washington 1963 was the equality of all races and the enforcement of civil rights for all people in the U.S., demanding thousands as they marched on Washington in 1963, where Martin Luther King holds the “I have a dream” speech.

his success

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Martin L King and his life

Martin L. King has reached much in his life, but it may still not be forgotten that many people have to fight with prejudice and discrimination, although they have equal according to the law. In the U.S. proportional more black Americans live in poverty and cannot afford a good education. In important political posts there are still more white people. The election of Barack Obama as the first black U.S. president is especially for the African American very important. Martin L. King’s speech from 1963 is still a dream of a world how it could be one day.

On 1.12.1955 Rosa Parks was arrested because she didn't gave up her seat in the Bus to a white men. Through nonviolent resistance MLK reached that there was no racial segregation in the Buses.

It was called: Montgomery Bus Boycott. M. King became president fo the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He traveled in the next few years through the Southern US and promoted to apply for Civil rights.

after his death

Montgomery Bus Boycott


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